Tuesday, July 18, 2017

the writing process//inspiration

Now that I've developed the concept for a new story, the next place I always turn is inspiration. Since the atmosphere is so central to this plot, I really wanted some images that reflected the heart of the story. So of course, I started a pinterest board! For the moment, while I'm still messing around with ideas, I'm keeping it private. But it's nice to have a wealth of inspirational images to go through to help spark ideas.
TLCT Snow White by forgotten-ladies

deadly kiss???

iceblade aesthetic ➣➣One with the environment. One of the most valuable skills in espionage. You can gear up with the best swag out there, put on camo, tech, weaponry… but it is the unteachable skill to belong anywhere. The other edge of what is the unfortunate truth: You must first belong nowhere.➣▲▼Black widow▲▼

In addition to images that inspire me, I also use pinterest to keep track of potential ideas. Whether that's preliminary research, resources to look through later, or wiki articles, I like having it all in one place, so I can flick through it later. Sometimes I keep track of notes and thoughts on the tabs, especially if it's an initial reaction to something. Other times I'll just gather the info to keep in mind.


Rules of going undercover


My other favorite source of inspiration (surprise, surprise!) is music. As I was working on the concept, I knew I wanted the setting to be similar to the Avengers films. Something taking place in our world, but dealing with something that didn't actually occur in history. With that in mind, I knew one of the sounds to this story was going to be Captain America: The Winter Solider. Everything about the soundtrack -the gritty feel, the industrial sound, the sharp notes- is a perfect fit for this.

 The other soundtrack I knew I wanted was several of the pieces from the BBC Sherlock series, specifically season 4. This season had a more intellectual feel than the others, which is fantastic.

I also tossed in another great Sherlock Holmes soundtrack, scored by Hans Zimmer. This one is a little more quirky than the others, but it's still a good set.

There you have it! Some of my favorite sources and ways to find inspiration. What about you? How do you find inspiration for a new idea?

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

writing process//concept

Creating a writing piece from scratch is always an amazing process, though it doesn't come up often for me, since I usually have at least the idea of where I want to go. So since I'm currently in the very beginning stages of a totally new story, I thought it might be fun to document my writing process and take you along with me! As I mentioned, I'm working on an entry for the Five Poisoned Apples collection, hosted by Rooglewood Press. The theme is Snow White, which has never been one of my favorite stories. But there are plenty of elements to draw from, which makes for a lot of ideas for concepts. From all seven dwarves, to a magic mirror, to the poisoned apple itself, there's so many options to work with.

But even with all these choice, where to start? This will be my third year entering this contest, and I wanted to do something completely different than anything I've done before. My last two entries were both fantasy-based, even though one took place in a kind of clockwork/steampunk world and the second one took place in a dream world. But I was at the library a day or two before I sealed the idea for Snow, and I just wanted something intellectual and crisp to read. I didn't find anything that day, but the thought stayed with me. And when I was thinking again about Snow White, the connection was made and a story idea born. For this retelling, I'm writing an espionage story, something clean and crisp and cold.

From there I started a snowflake page of possible ideas. I started with some of the things I knew I wanted to make happen -the seven dwarves being agents, the huntsman being an assassin, etc- and continued writing notes and making connections. Snowflaking is one of my favorite methods when I'm first brainstorming an idea, since it helps me jump from one thought to the next, and it easily allows me to make connections. I also started a list of possible traits from the original story that I might want to include in some of the characters.

Since this is something far out of my usual zone, I turned to where I always turn when writing something new -- books! I found some nice nonfiction books at my library on writing mysteries/thrillers, and while there's plenty of information that doesn't apply to this story, I also learned a lot and it gave me a good place to start. In addition, I've also been reading some articles online about writing more action-based fiction, as well as research into past missions and operations. I'm really excited by what I've found so far, and I can't wait to continue!

Saturday, June 24, 2017


drinking...water. I ended up being sick most of the week and I'm still trying to rehydrate myself. But it's also surprisingly brisk outside today, which might call for a cup of tea or hot chocolate

listening to... The Captain America: Winter Solider soundtrack. It's a grittier soundtrack, with a lot of fast-paced elements, perfect for my new work in progress! (edit: by the time I finished this post, I moved on to the BBC Sherlock soundtrack, which is one of the absolute best ^.^)

Buckey and Captain America

reading... I just finished Now Write! Mysteries (again for the latest WIP) and I'm starting into The Prestige. I watched the film version of the book a week or two ago, and I put the book on hold right away! The story revolves around two magicians determined on undermining the other while rising to fame on their own. It's a strange story of illusions, greed, obsession, and magic, and I'm interested to see where the book goes.

writing...But what exactly is the latest WIP? Rooglewood Press is holding their grandest and final fairy tale retelling contest, and I'm working on an entry. This year's story is Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. While this isn't my favorite fairy tale, I'm actually getting pretty excited about my piece! It's a lot different than my usual genres, and I'm enjoying the challenge. And while I'm not particularly intent on landing my piece in the final collection, I still have to take a moment to showcase the cover...

...isn't it stunning?? I can't wait to see what stories fill it! Find the details at Rooglewood Press

watching... I've been trying to watch a lot of classic films this summer, which is always fun. We watched Annie as a family last week, and I'm hoping to watch Princess Mononoke sometime this week.

crafting... I'd also like to do a full cosplay this summer, though I'm still pulling the details together for that. Otherwise I'm altering a few personal pieces that I found at thrift stores. In the costume shop, we're getting set to put on Anne of Green Gables the musical, and I've been mostly repairing a few pieces here and there, and helping sort costumes out. It's been a lot of fun watching some of these props and pieces that I know so well coming to life in our hands. I can't wait to see this performance go live!

Anne of Green Gables

looking fowards to... a writing conference I'm going to in a few weeks! My mother and I both registered to attend, and I'm excited to share this experience with her. This will also be my first non-One Year Adventure Novel conference I'm going to, and while I love OYAN, I'm also interested to learn from different sources. Plus, this one looks like it's going on the history books as one of the largest Christian writing conference in the nation, and this is only its first year!

reflecting on... this last school year and the end of semester. For some reason, my sophomore year/being 19 was one of the best years of my life. I grew in ways I never expected, and I felt a lot more confident in who I am and the choices I'm making. Here's to hoping 20 will be half as amazing <3

what have you been up to lately?